Public Libraries

New Jersey Library Confidentiality Statute
(N.J.S.A. 18A:73-43.1 et seq.)

Defective Subpoenas

The Legacy: Kreimer v. Bureau of Police, Twenty Years Later,
Library & Archival Security, 25:1, 89-94 (2012)

Surveillance Cameras

What a Search Warrant Looks Like

Reader Privacy and E-Books – California Legislation

What a National Security Letter Looks Like 

List of NSLs Issued 10/26/01 to 1/21/03 (PDF)

Memo on FBI Power to Issue NSLs (PDF)

Subpoenas to Libraries (July 2006)

Open Public Records and Internet-Related Complaints
(February 2002)

Internet Filtering in Public Libraries and Schools
(October 2000)

Parents’ Access to Children’s Library Records (May 2002)

Unattended Children in the Library (New Jersey Library Association)

USA Patriot Act and Patron Records (February 2002)

USA Patriot Act and New Jersey Law – Handout (January 2003)

The Klan Wants to Meet at the Library – What Do I Do Now? (May 2001)

Elements of a Good Meeting Room Policy (May 2001)

NJ Library Association                                

American Library Association                             

ALA Bill of Rights

Freedom to Read Foundation                      


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