Privacy in Public

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Two minute video of me flying my drone around Princeton University (takes a very long time to load)

There is a reasonable expectation of privacy in cell phone location data, according to the New Jersey Supreme Court, in State v. Earls

Ban the “Tiny Constable” from Our Cell Phones,
New Jersey Law Journal, April 2012

Negligence Should Be a Cause of Action for Identity Theft
New Jersey Law Journal, May 2012

How Transparency Protects Privacy in Government Records,
by Grayson Barber and Frank L. Corrado,  (May 23, 2011).

Public Access to Government Records
New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, October 2011, reprinted with permission

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy for
Anonymous Internet Users:
State v. Reid
Supreme Court Opinion:
State v. Reid, 194 N.J. 386 (2008)

– Amicus brief on behalf of ACLU-NJ, EFF,
EPIC, ALA, NJLA and Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Social Security Numbers in Government Records
Burnett v. Bergen County
Burnett v. Bergen County, 198 N.J. 408 (2009)
Amicus brief on behalf of ACLU-NJ and Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Personal Information in Government Records:
Protecting the Public Interest in Privacy,
25 St. Louis University Public Law Review 63 (2006)

Reprinted with permission

Brain Scans, Phrenology, and Predicting Crime,
New Jersey Law Journal, January 2012

Respect Consumer Preferences – Do Not Track
New Jersey Law Journal, December 2011

Should DNA from Your Coffee Cup End Up
in a Databank?
New Jersey Law Journal,
February 2008

EMail Users Expect Privacy, and Deserve It
New Jersey Law Journal,
December 2007

Electronic Health Records and the End of Anonymity
New Jersey Law Journal,
October 2009

Greater Data Security, and Cures for Abuse,
Are Way Overdue
New Jersey Law Journal,
December 2007

Three Myths About Surveillance Cameras

National ID Cards

Total Information Awareness: Knowledge Is Power

Privacy and the New Jersey State Constitution
New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, February 2002

Video Surveillance and Face Recognition Technology July 2001

Cameras in the Home ACLU-NJ Amicus Brief(October 2001)

ACLU-NJ  Privacy Bill of Rights

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