Free Speech

Free Speech and Open Government

How Transparency Protects Privacy in Government Records,
by Grayson Barber and Frank L. Corrado,  (May 23, 2011).

Permanent Digital Records and the Demise of Expungement
G.D. v. Kenny,
Amicus Brief of Electronic Privacy Information Center

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy for
Anonymous Internet Users
State v. Reid
Supreme Court Opinion:
State v. Reid, 194 N.J. 386 (2008)

– Amicus brief on behalf of ACLU-NJ, EFF,
EPIC, ALA, NJLA and the Privacy Rights

Internet Defamation
Bauer v. Glatzer
Brief of defendant Shweta Narayan
in support of motion for summary judgment (6-6-08)
Reply brief (7-12-08)
Court Opinion (9-19-08)

The Case of the Eighth Grade Webmaster        
Dwyer v. Oceanport School District
Complaint and Exhibits
Plaintiff’s Brief
Trial Court (3-31-05)
– Court Opinion (3-31-05)

Public Forum in State University Magazine
Rutgers 1000 Alumni Council v. Rutgers University
Appellate Brief of Plaintiff
Rutgers 1000 Alumni Council

Reported decision, 353 N.J. Super.
554 (App. Div. 2002)

Public Forum in City Hall Atrium
Martinez v. Trenton
– Complaint
Letter to City Council: Insurance Requirements and Security Fees
are a Form of Prior Restraint
(December 1999)

Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Felten v. RIAA

– Complaint
– Plaintiff’s Brief

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